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We design a training path to help companies reach the highest quality standards
in software development and IT Engineering practices.
We got the inspiration from the Japanese concept of Senpai and Kohai. The Senpai is the experienced person
that helps the young one, the Kohai, to acquire the knowledge and assimilate the techniques.
Our methodology is based on the book “Agile Technical Practices Distilled”
written by our co-founder Pedro Santos.


Training Program
The Apprenticeship is a training program that combines on-the-job work experience and workshops with training. Our Senpais work 12 weeks full-time with your teams from 4-6 people and develop their technical skills but also their soft skills.
Train juniors to mid-level.
Training Program
The Advanced program is a personalized training program focused on upskilling your senior tech talent. Our Senpais work one or two days per week with small groups of technical professionals in order to achieve the level desired. We use mob programming to make sure the training is very hands-on and not just theoretical. Each day we work with three different groups for about two hours each. Group size is between four and six.
Train mid-level and seniors to senior positions.
Specific Training
These trainings are designed to teach developers practical techniques that they can apply in real-world projects. The format of these courses is a 2 day course, that allows us to go in deep with the concepts. We help teams in any phase of a project where they may benefit from focused training.
Develop the professional skills of your employees.

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