f CoKaiDo


What we do

We enable software teams to design and build better software by:

  • Upskilling them in current software development methodologies and best practices.
  • Strengthening their ability to plan/manage work and communicate effectively with stakeholders.



Who we are

Our core team has 100+ person-years of software development experience. We are passionate about helping teams develop better software based on continuous improvement powered by cutting-edge knowhow as well as the right learning mindset. One of our co-founders is the author of the book “Agile Technical Practice Distilled”. ¡MEET OUR EXPERTS!

Our Values

Our passion to help your teams build better software is supported by our organizational values. Collectively, these values help us deliver value to every customer organization and every individual we work with, besides guiding our own evolution as a business.


How we work

We work with our customers’ in-house software development teams as well as members of the extended ecosystem as necessary (e.g. outsourcing partners, product owners). Programs are usually limited to participants from one organization. Services are customized to your company’s specific needs and delivered at our premises or customer locations.

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